Portugal Golden Visa

AAA Fair Deal Group along with Parkview City brings an outstanding opportunity of  Golden Visa by investing in real estate in Portugal. After the changes in local rules of Portugal, you are now eligible for Golden Visa with an investment of 280,000 Euros in real estate which requires renovation. Such locations have to meet geographic criteria and development rules in order to qualify for the same.

Portugal Golden Visa

Investment of € 280000

Permanent Residency & Citizenship of Portugal

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Portugal Golden Visa Timeline

  • Police clearance certificate
  • FRC ( Family registration certificate)
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificates
  • Passport 1st & 2nd page scanned on 600DPI color.
  • Home Utility Bill under applicant’s name.
  • Email ID
  • Contact Number
  • Statement of the bank account duly signed and stamped for the last six months.
  • Bank account maintenance certificate stamped and signed.

It requires an investment of 2,80,000 Euros for the property

In this step, we will submit the online application for your Golden Visa Process.

After submitting your online application the SEF will review it and give it pre-approval for the next phase of data collection and registration.

After getting approval you will be called for biometric data collection.

After the biometric visit, you will get your Golden Visa. 

Payment Method Payment Method Payment Method Payment Method

  • 50% Initial deposit
  • 50% balance payment upon the transfer of shares on your name.
golden visa Portugal real estate investment

Processing Time

  • Residency in 5 to 6 months after submitting the documents to SEF.
  • 7 days stay in a year.
  • Passport in 5 years.

Selling Method

  • Park View City will share the certificate with the Golden Visa  Customer.
  • The share certificate is transferable/ saleable after the completion of 5 years.

Our Processing time is Quick and Transparent

Portugal Immigration Requirements

Eligibility Criteria

Why you should Invest in Portugal?

Get 4th Strongest Passport 
Insurance of residency cards within 4 to 6 months
No physical presence requirements during the processing time
Inclusion of the entire family as dependents including spouse, children under 21, and parents
After maintenance of investment for 5 years, applicants can apply for citizenship.
Portugal passport allows visa-free traveling to 175+ countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK
Minimum taxes on worldwide income.
Great returns on investment during 5 years.
Access to world-class education & healthcare facilities

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Frequently asked questions

Yes it’s mandatory requirement to stay minimum 7 days in a year

Per person renewal fee is approx. €2,700 and is not included in the package, this will be payable
directly by the client upon submission of residency extension application with SEF.

Parkview will be issuing one share equivalent to each room against investment of €280,000 at Parkview
Boutique Hotel

Evora is the third most lucrative city for investment after Lisbon and Porto. This city qualifies for minimum
investment of €280,000 that’s why this was selected whereas investment requirement in Lisbon and Porto
and other big cities is much higher than €280,000.

No need to obtain a visa to enter Portugal
No need to obtain a visa to travel in Europe (Schengen area)

Living and working in Portugal, even with residency in a different country

Residency extended to family members

Extremely low minimum stay periods

Citizenship after 5 years

Tax residency and legal residency are different concepts. Becoming a Golden Visa holder in Portugal does
not necessarily turn you into a Portuguese tax resident. Even as only a legal resident, however, you will
pay taxes related to your investment in Portugal, as long as the investment generates an income. If you
decide to become a tax resident in Portugal, you will need to spend more than 183 days out of a fiscal
year in Portugal.

Yes, we will pay stamp duties on purchase of real estate which are around 7% of the investment value of

Yes. It is mandatory to have both and we will facilitate to arrange both these through power of attorney

Yes, the property can be acquired in coownership, if each coowner making the minimum investment of
280,000 EUR.

You can include the following family members in your application for a Portuguese Golden Visa:
Your spouse or partner.

Children under the age of 18.

Children over the age of 18, who are dependent on you financially. Adult children must be enrolled
in fulltime education and unmarried to qualify as dependents.

Dependent parents (over the age of 55) of either you or your spouse/partner. You must provide
documents proving their dependency unless they are older than 65.

Any family member included in your application will receive a Portuguese residence permit card
and enjoy the same rights and privileges as you.

The Portugal Golden Visa Program is applicable only for the investments made after the law is in force. In
this case the law has taken effect from the date of 8 October 2012

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