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Fair Deal Developers is established with a vision to set new benchmarks for the construction industry. The aim is to bring new concepts and ideas from all across the world and develop beautiful and iconic buildings in Pakistan. Fair Deal Developers offers services to individuals who want to construct their home or villa. Also, FD Developers have started Mayfair Villas at Park View City and Mayfair Heights at Bhurban Murree. FD Developers is offering low cost buy high-end solutions. Now a person can have his home constructed under the supervision of qualified engineers and labor that too without stress and tension. We offer complete services related to construction. It includes concept creation, architectural designs, actual execution until finishing.

We deal in Primary Secondary  Off Plan Market

Primary Market
The primary real estate market consists of new properties, which include new launches and ongoing projects from the developer.
Secondary Market
The secondary market in commercial real estate occurs when investors buy out existing investors in an active project. It is called secondary because the primary transaction occurred when the initial investor made his investment with the sponsor.
off Plan
Off-plan property is the term used for real estate before its construction is completed. Purchasing off-plan real estate is purchasing property before it is commissioned, most often in the early construction stages or even in the project phase.

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Information sharing on both sides

The very first step in our hassle free process is basic information sharing on both ends. In ...
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Ahead of The Curve Market Research

Conducting real estate market research is a considerably different feat than conducting any other kind of market ...
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Perfect Match For Client

After research we find out the perfect match for client’s requirements and budget. We make sure the ...
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Deal to Ensure Feasibility

We always aim to strike a balance between what you want to get out of the deal ...
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    All the payments should only be made in registered accounts of AAA Fair Deal and  Park View City in UAE, UK and Pakistan. Company is not responsible for any payment made in other accounts of any person.