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AAA Fair Deal Group

AAA Fair Deal Group

AAA Fair Deal Group is playing its role in Real Estate, Banking, Corporate Lending, Mortgages and SME solutions.
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  • Location: Dubai

Innovative AAA Fair Deal Group

Since its founding in 2001, the AAA Fair deal Group has maintained a leading position in the industry. It has long been one of the top marketing firms internationally and was the first to enter the UAE market. The business has participated in the growth of the market and has brought up huge changes. The company AAA Fair deal has existed since 2006.

  • Services in sales and marketing.
  • Commercial and residential mortgage lending, property leasing, and back-end operations
  • Real estate consulting and advisory
  • Construction management for both commercial and residential projects
  • Services, Direct Sales, and Renovation
  • Financial Products: Credit Cards and Loans
  • Risk and Relationship Management
  • Services for Customers & Training

Make improvements to your performance.

We do hear. We suggest. Together, we construct a better future. We want to create enduring connections with our clients and happy customers. Results are used to gauge success, with client satisfaction being the most crucial factor.


All the payments should only be made in registered accounts of AAA Fair Deal and  Park View City in UAE, UK and Pakistan. Company is not responsible for any payment made in other accounts of any person.