Fair Deal Group of Companies.


Fairdeal Group was established in the year 2001 and have been at the cutting advantage of the business for over a decade. It has been one of the leading marketing companies in the overseas and have forthright beginnings of this market in the UAE. The company has been part of the market development, witnessing enormous revolutions. Fairdeal Builder was established since 2006.

We are pioneering new venture in strategic sectors such as :

  •   Sales and Marketing Services.
  •   Property Lease - Commercial & Residential
  •   Mortgage Business
  •   Real Estate advisory and consultancy
  •   Construction Management both for the residential and commercial purpose
  •   Renovation Services
  •   Role in these transactions spans the entire spectrum of financial needs
  •   Direct Sales and Services
  •   Financial Products – Loans & Credit cards
  •   Relationship Management
  •   Training
  •   Risk Management
  •   Customer Services
  •   Backend Operations

Build the best product, Make life better for everyone, so our business can focus on what they do best: selling their Mortgage & Financial products


We keep abreast of relevant trends and changes and provide appropriate advisory services.


We maintain utmost dignity, customer confidentiality & respect the view of our customers & employees.


Our focus is to build business and maintain strong relationships with clients, financial institutions and key business facilitators.

Customer centric

We focus completely towards the needs of clients and provide satisfactory results to maintain long term relationships.

CEO’S Message

Muhammad Mueen


Committed to Excellence

“Since its inception, Fair deal Group has adopted a policy of providing expert services and unparalleled facilities to all its clients – whether inside or outside the UAE. This policy has ensured a strong corporate presence for the company in the International market specially UAE & PAKISTAN. This position has been further enhanced by the expansion of the Group’s businesses – Fair deal Group now includes numerous strategic subsidiaries which span globally.

As part of the Group’s commitment to excellence, Fair deal Group constantly strives to create new opportunities, developing partnerships with leading financial companies internationally. These highly-valued affiliations have helped the Group to develop projects and businesses spanning such diverse industries as Business Management Consulting, Sales, Marketing, Developer & Real Estate Services, Facility Management, Property Management, Construction, Maintenance and Financial Services.

This vast network of local and international business relationships allows us to focus on a single-minded endeavor – enhance its global presence by ensuring robust growth and constant advancement. This strategy puts us in a position where we can provide global businesses looking for investment opportunities in the region with the facilities to reach and tap local markets, towards the mutual benefit of all involved.”


Ch. Abdul Rauf
Shahzaib Khan
Sales & Marketing Head
Maryam Rashid
General Manager
Maria Raza
HR Head